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Rent to Buy is the very best way for first time buyers to get on the property ladder - the money they are paying is invested in their future
If you have Mortgage arrears & debt problems - you can still start buying a new Rent to Buy Home!
If you are just married, or you are planning to get married soon - a Rent to Buy home can be the very best way to start building your future prosperity
A Rent to Buy property could be the way students can avoid big debts at the end of your course - the money you pay out canbe creating a valuable asset
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If you are a Keyworker looking for an affordable home then Rent to Buy could be for you - there are many benefits to avoiding 'dead rent'
Rent to Buy Estates are innovators in creating special Rent to Buy packages - you can even benefit as an investor!
Are you going through or recently divorced? Using the Rent to Buy method you can get that new home you need without major expense
Rent to Buy Estates.co.uk isthe only specialist serving the Tenant Buyer - we check your requirements & search for suitable properties & its a free service!
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Rent to Buy Estates - Just for Tenant Buyers
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Rent To Buy Estates - Specialists For Tenant Buyer Packages
Rent to Buy Schemes are here to stay!

A Rent To Buy Scheme is for people to acquire and sell UK property over a fixed period of time, at the beginning of the agreement there is no need to secure a mortgage or put down a full deposit. It is also possible for people in financial difficulties to rebuild their credit profile while buying a new property.

Read more... [Rent to Buy Schemes are here to stay!]
Rent to Buy Trust Limited Launched

Rent to Buy TrustA new UK company has been launched called the Rent to Buy Trust, it is a not-for-profit organisation operating in the property industry. The objectives of the Rent to Buy Trust Limited are to establish, develop and monitor best practice in the rent to buy, rent to sell, rent now buy later or any other situation involving the renting or leasing of property with a view to the tenant eventually purchasing the property they are occupying.

Please send all enquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or visit www.RenttoBuyTrust.org

Read more... [Rent to Buy Trust Limited Launched]
Rent to Buy & Rent to Sell Grows - Speculation Starts

Seems to be a lot of negative speculation by people who admittedly "don't understand Lease Options & Rent to Buy" - done properly by knowledgeable professionals it is no worse than BTL management.

All of the risks to Tenant Buyers & Landlord Sellers can be mitigated within the documentation - if people enter into these serious financial transactions in an informed way, with independent legal advice, they are very beneficial.

Yes, there are con-men & people with criminal intent in every walk of life, talk of "disasters waiting to happen" in my opinion is one person's attempt to be sensational to get an appearance in the major press - well done David, it worked well & I bet you got a lot of hits on your website & sold a few more copies of your book (I really mean well done because that's the name of the game online - get noticed!).

As you will see from other posts I am not 'anti-regulation' (I got my first CCL back in the early 1980's) but regulation has never stopped wrong doing. Also the point about "asking for & giving financial advice" can be slightly misleading - If you are going to rent out your BTL property you will routinely request financial information to ensure they can afford the rent, you then make a decision as to affordability and decide on offering them a 6 or 12 month financial commitment (I know there are regulated firms that offer this service but you get the point).

My thought is that we, the active industry, should start to put together a 'code of [best] practice' before it is imposed - I have already started and I am happy to work with anyone who's interested.

From my world wide research 'Rent to Buy' & 'Rent to Sell' is set to grow in the UK and become another major option in acquiring & disposing of property for the public at large (not just traders doing LO deals) - it's coming folks! so what are we going to do about it?

With best wishes to all,
Carl Henry

Property Owners With Problems - A New Way Out! Rent to Buy

The number of people with property that is more of a burden than a benefit can find a quick way out through Rent to Buy - we have started a service called "We Rent to Buy!" www.werenttobuy.co.uk - we will take over all aspects of your property management and find a buyer at a price that solves your problems. It's called Rent to Sell for Landlord Sellers - you deal directly with us and we take away all your problems!

We can take over your property in days - Rent to Buy & Rent to Sell packages to suit all situations.

Carl Henry's Rent to Buy Group launches "Rent to Buy Ads"

Rent to Buy Ads - www.renttobuyads.co.uk is a unique service offering Tenant Buyers (people wanting to rent to buy properties) and Landlord Sellers (people who are interested in offering property for rent to buy) the opportunity to publish free adverts online for their requirements or property.

List your Rent to Buy Property or Tenant Buyer Requirements FREE! Visit us now - you've nothing to loose!

Rent to Buy Estates.co.uk - Just for Tenant Buyers

Rent to Buy Estates www.RentToBuyEstates.co.uk is the most innovative Rent to Buy (Rent to Own) organisation in the United Kingdom. Rent to Buy Estates.co.uk is a dedicated specialist helping people find the ideal Rent to Buy home, negotiate the perfect option to buy and move in as quickly as possible.

Rent to Buy is Growing in the UK

Rent to Buy, also known as Rent to Own or a lease option, is the new growing trend in the UK helping people with little or no deposit and other financial problems to get on the property ownership ladder.

Rent to Buy Estates is a specialist dedicated to finding rent to buy homes (Houses & Flats) in England for prospective Tenant Buyers. The service is free - all that is required is to register your details & requirements on our website www.RentToBuyEstates.co.uk

Rent To Buy Estates - Our Tenant Buyer Packages

Rent To Buy Estates offers the widest range of Tenant Buyer Packages in the UK, we are proud to specialise in offering people Rent To Buy properties. We are the most imaginative and flexible organisation available in this industry.

Below you will see an outline of some of our Rent To Buy Tenant Buyer Packages;

  1. Equity Max Rent To Buy Option
  2. Cashflow Max Rent To Buy Option
  3. Fixed Exit Rent To Buy Option
  4. Equity Tracker Rent To Buy Option
  5. No Deposit Rent To Buy Option
  6. Variable Deposit Percentage Rent To Buy Option
  7. Exchange of Contract Rent To Buy Option
  8. Portable Equity Rent To Buy Option
  9. Sales Partner Rent To Buy Option

We will of course design each Rent To Buy Option to suit your personal circumstances & objectives.

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