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We will normally communicate with you using your firstname, If you prefer that we do not do this only enter the initial letter of your firstname & we will use your 'Title' & 'Lastname'.

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This is the email address we will use to communicate with you & send you a copy of the information you give to us, please check that you have access to the email & it is working fully.

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To give use an idea of the size of property to look for you can use the drop down list to choose the number of bedrooms required.

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This is not essential unless you have a very specific requirement.

Option Fee
To secure a Rent to Buy Option you may need to pay an option fee, this will be a much smaller amount than putting down a mortgage deposit and will be deducted from the eventual deposit when you buy the property. The bigger the option fee you can afford will normally mean a greater range of properties and better initial condition of the property.

Rent You Can Pay
During the Rent to Buy Option period you will pay rent, part of which will go towards building your deposit when you buy the property at the end of the Option Term. This must be realistic for your target area & property type.

Do You Have A Property?
Let us know your current situation, we can help in almost every situation to improve your financial situation.

When Do You Want To Move?
Give us an idea of your timescales to ensure we respond appropriately to your requirements.

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